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Some assentials and move samples for the begginers of Turkish Dama Checkers

Some assentials and move samples for the begginers of Turkish Dama Checkers (also known as Turkish Checkers or Turkish Draughts)

This game is very different from all other checkers by its initial position and the pieces’ moves. Played on an 8×8 board, with 16 white and 16 black pieces. At start, they lie on the players ‘second and third nearest ranks.


Players move in turn. White begins. If a player has no legal move he loses the game. A piece moves one square sideward or forward (both dark and light squares), provided this place is vacant. If next to a piece, sideward or forwards, is a square occupied by an opponent’s piece, then the piece captures the opponents’ piece by jumping over it to the square immediately beyond, provided this place is vacant. There is no diagonal moves in Turkish Dama Checkers like other Checkers Games.

If the man can proceed in a similar way in another direction, except the opposite, it must do so, taking care to capture the maximum number of pieces (regardless to their kind). Capture is mandatory.

If a man reaches the last rank, it promotes to ‘Dama’ (similar to king or queen) and the move terminates. A Dama piece moves one or several squares, along an open line, sidewards, forwards or backwards. If a Dama sees, at any distance, an opponent’s piece and immediately beyond one or more subsequent vacant squares, it captures by jumping the piece and landing on one of these squares. A Dama is subject to the same rules regarding majority capture than a man. In case of a multiple capture, the captured pieces are removed from play as soon as they are jumped over.

Here, we explain some essential points of the game for beginners and give sample moves.


1- Analyse your opponent’s move before you play your turn


In this sample, Whites press to blacks’ g5 with the move their g3-h3. Now, Blacks has 3 right choices to move which are (g5-h5, g5-f5 or f6-f5). Figure – 1 and Figure – 2

Press to following links for animated samples:

In figure 1 and 2, right choice sample 1In figure 1 and 2, right choice sample 2In figure 1 and 2, right choice sample 2

If Blacks choices another move other than right ones, like b6-b5, Figure – 3

Whites moves h5-h6 for an advantage. Other moves follow as usual as following:

h5-h5 h6xh4

h3xh5xf5 f6xf4


After than last move, Whites gets 3, Blacks gets 2 pieces.


For sample animation click to following link:

In figure 2, after wrong move, Blacks losses 1 more pieces

2- When playing Turkish Dama Checkers, main strategy is planning to step to 8. Row with your any pieces.


3- In Turkish Dama Checkers, power of 1 Dama piece = 5 other pieces. If your opponent is good player as you, you choice to give 5 pieces when reaching to 8. row and transform your pieces to Dama. Or, you give 5 pieces to get your opponents’ Dama when you need.


In this sample, Whites with the move a3-b3 like in figure – 5, gives 2 pieces to Blacks to reach to 8. row (Dama) like in figure-6..


In the turn, Whites gives 2 more pieces with the move b3-a3 (or b2-a2) like in figure-7. Then, Blacks moves a1xa4xg4 figure-8 (mandatory to capture as many pieces).

Click here for animated show

Şekil 9 – Şekil 10

Last, Whites with the move g3xg5xg7 comes to 7. Row, figure-9 and in the next turn steps to Dama without any problem, figure-10.



a3-b3 a5xa3xa1

b3-a3 a1xa4xg4


Whites gives 4 pieces, gets 2 pieces but 1 new Dama piece has advantage after than these moves.

4- In Turkish Dama Checkers, Dama piece is strong when you use it, but you need to protect it in a place against your opponents’ offence.

Şekil 11 – Şekil 12

Best places are to protect Dama piece, after than three togetheron same olumn of your opponents; or after two together of yours.


In this sample, Whites needs to move the Dama from g8 to h8, like in figures 11-12 in the shortest time.

Click here for animated show

5- In Turkish Dama Checkers, when you ask any piece from your opponent, you may be see a counterattack. Before you ask anything, please check your pieces and your defance.

Şekil 13 – Şekil 14

In this sample, Blacks moves d6 to d5 and asks the piece in c5 like in figure-13, without good checking self situation. Against this move, Whites moves from g4 to f4 and asks 3 pieces and steps to Dama.


6- Good players of Turkish Dama Checkers, don’t ask any pieces from opponent except winning more or mandatory.

Click here for animated show

Prepared by: Bektaş Güldeste- Tutagil

Recep Doğrubakar- recepdb

Tayfun Candan- TC

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